Creating our Reality

A friend posted this on FaceBook and I wanted to continue the sharing….We hear and read from so many teachers that we are energy and that so is the world and all that surrounds us.

From Abraham reminding us to look for that which we can appreciate in every moment to Einstein nudging us to be the frequency that we desire….seems that there must be something to this.

My experience shows that this is the case.

Even in times of depression, fear or doubt I still can appreciate that I can feel and I know that when my desire is to know the essence of reality and who I really am all those feelings bring me closer to my truth, and that is a lot to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for today?

The Changing Seasons

Over the weekend a beautiful snow fell in Santa Fe and today just a few days later the sun is out and we will have our warmest day in many, many months. Each brings a unique beauty.

Just as the seasons change, seemingly before our eyes, often our emotions do the same and sometimes even our lives. When more challenging times arise in our lives we can doubt that the divine exists and we can miss the beauty that still surrounds us, yet both are there. I often find it helpful to push myself to notice, to go on a walk, open a magical book or sit quietly and find that peaceful place within that is always there….I just have to show up and the door always opens.

When we seek, we find… yet sometimes we get so caught up in the challenges that life often presents us that we stop seeking for the beauty. Both exist hand in hand, where we focus most is what we experience most.

at least in my experience

Something beautiful…..

I just went to look for a book to remind myself of the author’s name and found something even better and wanted to share from it (and the other book was sitting on top of this one).

“Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be.” Emmanuel

Be kind to your self. Be kind to others. We are all doing our best.

Hello world!

I was inspired to start this blog while on a road trip with my new business Notice the Divine. I was in between Gallup, NM and Flagstaff, AZ and had pulled over to enjoy the view and do some writing, and then I thought I should be blogging abut this new adventure in my life and here I am a few months later…it took a while and I felt that I needed to get the Notice the Divine web site up first and it is-but it is a work in process.