When we “notice” we also awaken a part of ourselves.

It is as if something appears that had not been there the moment before.

How beautiful to add to the beauty of our lives and to expand who we are…..and it is all so simple.

Keep noticing, there might be angle in your midst…. the divine is all around us.

Free yourself, realize who you really are.....divine

Nobody said it would be easy

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

Somehow I think that for many of us we have an idea that our unfolding, our awakening should be a gentle, soft didgeridoo¬†or flute music playing in the background sort of event….

Maybe for some it is, and for me at times it has been, but for the most part coming to explore my deepest source has been a rather brutal, gut wrenching affair, and worth every moment to arrive where I dwell, inside and out, today.

Not that all is perfect. I have a new business, work like crazy, have to move in less than two months in the midst of three trips and I am deeply troubled by the world that I see around me. That said my life is a joy and a gift and what brought me here was a lot of effort.

The biggest effort I think is in not turning back when it feels difficult, but to dig deep as much as you can. Cry, scream, write, take hot baths and go for long walks but keep going.

And when you really need to, take a break with something that makes you feel wonderful or at least a little happy…sometimes that is as good as it gets.

The journey to ourselves is our greatest adventure.

When the risk to remain closed is so painful we must take the leap…

let’s all take it together.

be who you truly are....