A New Adventure

I am getting ready for the National Stationery Show, NSS, in NY. This is an amazing experience for me to be going there showing cards and prints from my own art work.

Less than a year and a half ago this was not anywhere on my life’s radar. Talk about a new life…I am proof of how much we can change the path of our life, especially in the outer world. Maybe more than anything it takes persistence and an awful lot of energy. Doing something new in our lives, at least for me, often requires an immense amount of courage and faith to venture into the unknown.

Perhaps that is where our inner life is so important. To remain focused on what really matters, not getting too caught up in whatever we are doing. Often when we are working on any kind of project-large or small-that means a lot to us and we are invested in it, whether financially or just time-wise, it is easy to let it become over important. Our inner connection keeps us grounded in what is really real.

At least for me.

So soon I will head off to NY for a wonderful time of art, work and a lot of walking…..

Here is the online catalog that I just posted for the show. If you have a moment take a peek and let me know what you think-you might have to scroll down the page or to page 2. If you are coming to NSS come by an say hi. I’m in booth 1683.

last May at the Pompidou. Card #603

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