Who am I?

more to come but i thought that since you are reading this blog maybe you want to know something about who is writing it…..

or maybe not.

so here is the most recent “about me”

In a nutshell…I always wanted to be an artist and finally it happened-it was a long wait, but the nice thing that I am discovering about art is that age is irrelevant. Welcome to my travels with the divine. Notice the Divine is the website for my art.

I also am an activist, have been for years but finally taking action. First and foremost my activism is about waking up. Waking up to who we really are, and then waking up to what is happening around us…while keeping our eyes and hearts wide open. We cannot fight war, we can only bring peace.

The change often starts within us, and sometimes it starts by taking a stand on something we believe in and this awakens and empowers us to know who we are. Many roads can lead to the same destination… remain open to it all.

A little more about me

I write about sustainable living here at SmartLifeways

I am also a life coach and on occasion write here at Holistic-Coach

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